About Our Team

Birrell-Jones Productions builds brands, while entertaining and educating telling stories. We help our clients by helping them tell their stories in creative ways that consumers connect with and understand.  Stories that build fantastic Brands.  We fill in the “creative cracks,” those nooks and crannies where creative characters live to bring your dull and boring real world story to life.  If your story hasn’t got life, it doesn’t have an audience.  We bring a personal, cost-effective creative approach to every project we work on.  We’d love to discuss how our team can help you tell your  story, and do it with a reasonable budget.
As a Creative Network, we utilize our extensive network of bizarre, loco, crazy creative friends diverse individuals who contribute and provide support in your Production as required, whatever its nature or intended media.  If our core team can’t do it, nobody can! we know freelancers that can support you in the scripting process, designing the graphics, production, shooting the story, editing, sound; it all makes sense to our world-class team of freelance professional talent  starving older artists, and only slightly bodacious semi reformed younger & older hippies.

Suzanne Birrell – The first driving creative force behind the Birrell-Jones name.  Artist, musician, director, video editor, painter, sculptor, motion artist, script writer, bass player, singer, public school art and music teacher, and card carrying SAG actress, Suzanne Birrell has done it all.  With degrees in art and music, Suzanne brings a fresh vision to every project along with the extensive experience to execute it perfectly. She composes much of the original music used in our projects and does much of the fine tooth editing.

Suzanne’s Web Sites:  SuzanneBirrell.com   ThisOldHippy.Com  

Chuck Jones – Once a CEO, now just A humble new breed of cat, a Hybrid Media Producer.  Artist. Marketing Specialist.  Photographer.  Videographer.  Cinematographer.  Creative Cat Wrangler.  

Chuck’s Web Sites: ChuckJonesPhotography.Com     TheCameraForum.Com

Gina Ninichuck – A highly energitic people person, Gina’s talent is in the field flushing out the story, interviewing people on the street, keeping her eye on the story, directing the camera, and getting sound bytes.