Composing the music to an Opera parody about John and Lorena Bobbit. The Librettist is Shauna McClure. Originally it was to be short opera but it seems to have evolved into a full length opera. People kept suggesting scenes. I have just recently to composes the scene where the cops are looking for missing appendage in the weeds (Scene suggested by her husband- I gave it sort of a keystone cop flavor) I suggested the scene about the surgeon bragging ( A touch of Gilbert and Sullivan in that one.) Every song seems to become my next favorite. The “Penis Aria” was looked at by a tenor and he thought the song was a bit long. What singer complains that the only song they sing is too long? It starts with a cadenza. Judge Two sings “Lorena was Blue” with a definite blues flavor – of course.

Let me know if you want to see the music and hear the sound files. This is a parody so we are only going for gold singers (Tall- short-old young -any color or hair do). They sort of need to have had some legit training. Menotti and and Sondheim are among my favorite composers so you know the music is a bit challenging. We also need a chorus so if you want to sing–let me know. It’s gonna be FUN! if we can get some money together to launch it.

It’s got all the necessary ingredients for a good opera with the exception that everybody lives happily ever after at the end.  What kind of opera does that?