Critics Award for Daniel!

I am excited to report that I earned a Critics Award for my performance of “Daniel.” “Daniel” was written by Bob Weiss and was intended to be a rock opera for 6 characters at minimum. However, because of his blindness he was not able to write the music so I proposed to do it as a rap. I attempted to get others to join me on this daring interpretation but no one was interested. Bob was not getting any younger so I decided to do “Daniel” as a solo piece. I have acted on stage, sang in musicals and opera, played and sang folk music behind my guitar; but I had never acted in such a solo piece. I was very nervous about it. I got better each night at getting the audience on board as the chorus and by the end of the run, felt I was on fire. The critics saw the show early in the run and saw fit to give me an award! Thank-you! Unfortunately, Bob did not live to see it performed. He died two days before opening night. I think he would have liked it–the audience did.

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