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Finally got the new version of my template installed thanks to my wonderful husband. Now just need the time to reconfigure. Doesn’t look too bad. It seems everything is here. Could no longer post with the antiquated version. Later!!

Unreasonably long post title

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Santa Fe

An eventful year but back in the saddle again. After being almost totally crippled I now have two new hips, a new home, a new job and a new band. I believe they call it re-inventing ones self.  Look for Left Bank hitting the Santa Fe clubs soon.

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Penisaria- A Night To Dismember

Composing the music to an Opera parody about John and Lorena Bobbit. The Librettist is Shauna McClure. Originally it was to be short opera but it seems to have evolved into a full length opera. People kept suggesting scenes. I have just recently to composes the scene where the cops are looking for missing appendage in the weeds (Scene suggested by her husband- I gave it sort of a keystone cop flavor) I suggested the scene about the surgeon bragging ( A touch of Gilbert and Sullivan in that one.) Every song seems to become my next favorite. The “Penis Aria” was looked at by a tenor and he thought the song was a bit long. What singer complains that the only song they sing is too long? It starts with a cadenza. Judge Two sings “Lorena was Blue” with a definite blues flavor – of course.

Let me know if you want to see the music and hear the sound files. This is a parody so we are only going for gold singers (Tall- short-old young -any color or hair do). They sort of need to have had some legit training. Menotti and and Sondheim are among my favorite composers so you know the music is a bit challenging. We also need a chorus so if you want to sing–let me know. It’s gonna be FUN! if we can get some money together to launch it.

It’s got all the necessary ingredients for a good opera with the exception that everybody lives happily ever after at the end.  What kind of opera does that?

Vimeo does not work

I have noticed none of the vimeo video links are working.

I don’t have time to figure out the problem- hopefully there are enough Youtube video’s to give a a sense.

Maybe not

James has moved his whole family to Taiwan- the music is better over there. They actually pay musicians! Wishing him the best.  As a results Cats is not doing much anymore–But, our last gig was a hum dinger. Hired for two hours, had us stay on for an extra and tipped us well on top of the fee. We felt much appreciated. And the location- within the sound of Santa Monica Beach was the best.

So what next??????

Spring has sprung

James is back from China. Julie is not performing on any stages. The twins are back from Germany. There is music in the air!!!! I played all day on Sunday.

Cats With Class

Julie is starring in musicals and James is off to China. George, and Victor and I are playing a private gig with A couple of other cats. Holding the Fort together.