Winner of the 2014 L.A. Battle of the Bands!

Cats with Class, won the 2014 L.A. Battle of the Bands against seven other rock finalists!

The surprising part for me is where when the camera revolves around to show the 20-30 years old rocker sporting their metal band shirts!  Maybe we could open for the metal band Lamb of God next time they’re in town.  Their fans love us, too!

Good art transcends all ages.

We were able to piece together almost the whole show.  The videographer, Chuck Jones, got worried the internal mic was being overblown and took a little time out to attach a remote mic.  But, as you can see, he got it all together in post.

Watch it!  Like it!  Love it!

@ The Wellington Farmer’s Market

Cats With Class had a great time at the Patio in Arcadia.  We rocked the house to an appreciative audience.  Great food and too much laughter–it was hard to stop.  We were the second band.  We are very grateful to Michael  from the Jazz Quartet because they let us use their sound system so that I could bring FRED (My upright bass). FRED and the sound system will not both fit in my car.  But someday…..

We also had a great time at the Wellington Farmer’s Market.  Folks were dancing in the street.  They said we could come back anytime.  That’s great because we really had fun with them.  I bought a hat from a local artist and also met a wonderful lady named Shangri-La.  Is that a great name or what!!!!  We bought some absolutely fantastic huge avocados, some crispy fresh baby asparagus, three different kinds of humice and met  a lot of wonderful people.  If you haven’t been to the Wellington Farmer’s Market then you should go!

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