Acting 101 for screenwriters

I used to I teach acting workshops which segued into writing then into production of the original scripts. The workshops were about 4- 6 weeks long. This time time I am just focusing on the acting and writing for the actor. Should be fun. If you sign up, please bring a page of dialogue with no directions.

Awards for Odile, My Daughter

Marion Gittleman as Odile; Brittany Hogan as Yolanda; Flora Lynn Isaacson as Ida; Frank Wurm as Frank

Photos from the play “Odile, My Daughter” by Gaetana Caldwell-Smith

Synopsis: Grown woman confronts her step father with the sexual abuse she suffered as a child over the objection of her mother and sister after a visit from the child she bore and gave up.

Directed by Suzanne Birrell

Audience Award: Best Actress-Marion Gittleman

photography by Chuck Jones