Unconfirmed Rumor

It is a completely unconfirmed rumor that Suzanne may be considering a project in Mexico…



There is a rag tag group of solid players living in the Mexican Heartland that play like they were made of steel. These guys get into a groove, and they bring a whole new meaning to the words “Locked In.”


Stay tuned for further developments in the continuing Suzanne Birrell saga, “As The River Churns…”


All photos by Chuck Jones

Awards for Odile, My Daughter

Marion Gittleman as Odile; Brittany Hogan as Yolanda; Flora Lynn Isaacson as Ida; Frank Wurm as Frank

Photos from the play “Odile, My Daughter” by Gaetana Caldwell-Smith

Synopsis: Grown woman confronts her step father with the sexual abuse she suffered as a child over the objection of her mother and sister after a visit from the child she bore and gave up.

Directed by Suzanne Birrell

Audience Award: Best Actress-Marion Gittleman

photography by Chuck Jones