Gonna Buy Me a Dog

This is a song I wrote for my Dear Friend, Donna.  After a bitter divorce she swore to give up men altogether and buy herself a dog.  She chose an Australian Shepherd.

I put on a little lipstick and I think makes me look like I’ve got died hair. FYI This IS my natural color!

@ The Wellington Farmer’s Market

Cats With Class had a great time at the Patio in Arcadia.  We rocked the house to an appreciative audience.  Great food and too much laughter–it was hard to stop.  We were the second band.  We are very grateful to Michael  from the Jazz Quartet because they let us use their sound system so that I could bring FRED (My upright bass). FRED and the sound system will not both fit in my car.  But someday…..

We also had a great time at the Wellington Farmer’s Market.  Folks were dancing in the street.  They said we could come back anytime.  That’s great because we really had fun with them.  I bought a hat from a local artist and also met a wonderful lady named Shangri-La.  Is that a great name or what!!!!  We bought some absolutely fantastic huge avocados, some crispy fresh baby asparagus, three different kinds of humice and met  a lot of wonderful people.  If you haven’t been to the Wellington Farmer’s Market then you should go!

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Unconfirmed Rumor

It is a completely unconfirmed rumor that Suzanne may be considering a project in Mexico…



There is a rag tag group of solid players living in the Mexican Heartland that play like they were made of steel. These guys get into a groove, and they bring a whole new meaning to the words “Locked In.”


Stay tuned for further developments in the continuing Suzanne Birrell saga, “As The River Churns…”


All photos by Chuck Jones